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Photo Gallery

Photos of our Elephant Trekking Tours and Sanctuary

We have an Elephant Camp in Ban Maewin, Thailand which is just west of Chiangmai, Thailand. In Thai we call it “Bang Chang Hoi Pbung”. We have about 15 Elephants from baby Elephants to full grown Elephants for your own Thai Elephant pictures, if you would like to get some really good Elephant pictures, come visit us and we will show you a really good time.

Our Baby Phu Win and his mommy Mae Noi : 

Chang Thailand! People come from all over the world to ride and take pictures of our Elephants. We take Elephant pictures of you when you are riding on them and people love just hanging around the Elephants village taking Elephant pictures with family and friend feeding and enjoying being around the Elephants in their environment.

The enviroment here is really beautiful! It is in the Hill Country, lush and forested with streams and rivers about. The Hill country has much milder weather then the low lands which makes being here very enjoyable people as well as Thai Elephants and Elephant picture taking.

Come enjoy Thailand, Chiangmai and come visit us to take your Elephant pictures, a Elephant ride, hang out with the Elephants and have a home cooked Northern Thai meal with us.

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